Pastor Bios

Pastors Gabriel and Katiria Figueroa are the youth pastors at Church Jesus is King. They were ordained in 2009 by Pastor Philip Israelson. Together they lead a youth leadership team into the calling that the Lord has for them and into evangelizing the youth of this city.

Pastor Gabriel was born and raised in Miami, Pastor Katiria was born in Colombia and brought to the USA when she was 2 months old and raised here in Miami. They met at a very young age and grew up in church together, but it wasn't till their early twenties that the Lord reunited them and brought them together again. Pastor Gabriel is a firefighter/paramedic and Pastor Katiria is currently finishing her Bachelor's degree in Human Resources and is also working towards a Bachelor in Ministry.

Both of them received the Lord at a very young age, and the Lord has placed a burning in their hearts to be filled in the fullness of the Holy Ghost. They have a passion to bring young people into the open arms of the heavenly Father and share the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. They are constantly involved in the city services and charities. Don't be surprised when you run into them and they greet you with a hug and kiss. Their greatest desire is to see the youth filled to the fullness of God's Holy Spirit and to fulfill the adventurous plans that God has for them.

13 Thieves
1133 71 Street
Miami Beach, FL 33141
Tuesdays/Bible Studies @ 7:30 pm
Fridays/13 Thieves Gathering @ 7:30pm