13 Thieves Etiquette

In an effort to keep from distracting others during the 13 Thieves meetings and to provide the best service for those attending, we would ask that you please observe the following:

1. Turn off all cell phones and pagers.

2. If at all possible, please do not leave the meeting before it finishes.

3. Front Section:

  • Once the meeting has started, if you are seated in the front section and must leave, when returning to the Service, please be seated in the back.
  • The front section on the left aisle is reserved for Pastors. So please be mindful of this when choosing where to sit.
  • 4. Please dress appropriate. Casual and comfort is usually the tone.

    5. If you arrive late, an Usher will be more than happy to help you locate a seat.

    6. No Food or Drink is allowed in the Sanctuary. We have a water fountain located outside the rest rooms. If you must use the restrooms, please try to do so before the meeting starts.

    7. Above all, please be aware of the moving and Operation of the Spirit. This is the House of the Lord. We do not want to do anything that takes away from the Lord and how He is moving in the lives of those around us. If at all possible, please refrain from moving around during the Service.

    13 Thieves
    1133 71 Street
    Miami Beach, FL 33141
    Tuesdays/Bible Studies @ 7:30 pm
    Fridays/13 Thieves Gathering @ 7:30pm