13 Thieves History

On October 2002, our Pastors, Daniel and Elizabeth Figueroa arrived in the city of Miami Beach to start a new church. The church offices were established in the street 71 and in the facilities of the Hotel Deauville, on 67 street, began weekly meetings of the new church. In that place the church offered its services not only to residents of Miami Beach but also to tourists who were guests at the hotel.

For five and a half years the church served the community in that location, providing a place to worship, restoring families, and helping young people involved in addictions and personal conflicts. More than 6,000 people received the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The homeless and the poor were helped with food and clothing, children where there was only one parent was blessed each year with Christmas toys and food to celebrate.

In 2007 the church moved to its new location on 71 Street and in 2009 we opened our first Temple of the Jesus is King Church in Normandy Isle, where we continue to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in all the above areas and our city of Miami Beach.

13 Thieves
1133 71 Street
Miami Beach, FL 33141
Tuesdays/Bible Studies @ 7:30 pm
Fridays/13 Thieves Gathering @ 7:30pm